Call for expressions of interest to serve on standing committees

The CIPR has 3 standing committees which lead and supervise its programme of work in key areas. In recent years all positions on these committees have been filled by Council members, but in 2016 we want to open them up to other members who want to make a contribution.

The remit of the committees is set out below. If you are interested in discussing a position on one of them, please email Alastair McCapra at Anyone seeking appointment to a committee will be required to complete our online declaration of interest form. Please send your expression of interest and completed declaration of interest to Alastair before 5pm on Monday 30 November 2015.

Committee meetings take place at the CIPR offices in London and reasonable travel expenses for committee members are reimbursed in line with current policies.

Policy and Campaigns Committee

The PCC is tasked with advising the Board on developments in public relations practice, the wider ‘communications’ industry and other professions and in society more generally, where they may have an impact on the public relations profession. In 2015 the committee, was tasked with working on the following areas:

  • history and heritage of the profession
  • impact of technology on public relations practice
  • the 'open society’ agenda
  • supporting a free press
  • enabling influence and access to public policy making
  • open data
  • measurement
  • science communications
  • organisational / business governance and role of public relations 
  • diversity and public relations.

The committee will meet 4 times in 2016 (2-4pm):

  • 2 February
  • 26 April
  • 23 June
  • 3 November

Professional Development and Membership Committee

The PDMC has oversight of all matters impacting on professional development (qualifications and training) and CIPR membership. It oversees the development of CIPR qualifications, CPD and training in the UK and overseas. The committee maintains the quality and currency of this provision to reflect the requirements of the Royal Charter and the needs of CIPR members. The committee aims to enhance the PR profession by encouraging high levels of skill, knowledge, competence and standards of practice and professional conduct while anticipating and meeting the professional development requirements for its future. In addition, the committee aims to ensure membership remains relevant to CIPR members. Please note that no member involved in training may serve on this committee.

Planned meeting dates (12-3pm):

  • 16 March
  • 23 June
  • 8 September
  • 17 November

Professional Practices Committee

The PPC is tasked with advising the Board on policy on the promotion and application of the CIPR Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct supports the CIPR’s role as defined in the Royal Charter:

“…to promote for the public benefit high levels of skill, knowledge, competence, and standards of practice and professional conduct on the part of public relations practitioners.”

The committee recommends policy on disciplinary matters affecting members, but does not hear disciplinary cases, which are dealt with by an independent panel.

Planned meeting dates (2-4pm):

  • 23 February
  • 19 May
  • 8 September
  • 22 November