CIPR relaunch free and universal lobbying register

The Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) has relaunched its UK Lobbying Register (UKLR), the only free and universal lobbying register operating in the UK.

The UKLR originally launched in 2015 to complement the statutory regime with the aim of providing as full a picture of UK lobbying as possible. It is open to all lobbyists – agency, in-house and freelance - unlike the statutory register that is only open to consultant lobbyists.

By registering, individuals and organisations demonstrate;

  • accountability to a recognised industry code of conduct    
  • a commitment to conduct lobbying ethically and transparently  
  • a commitment to high professional standards with clients, the public, and to the common good of the lobbying profession

All lobbyists are encouraged to register, whether they are CIPR members or not. CIPR members engaged in lobbying are required to register on the site. It is recommended that those previously registered check their status as, in the process of updating the site and hosting it on a new server, some records may have been lost.

Alastair McCapra, CIPR Chief Executive

We launched the UKLR in 2015 as we believe the public has the right to know who is seeking to influence public policy and law. With the scrutiny surrounding lobbying in recent months, this is more important than ever. The law, however, doesn't allow for adequate transparency due to its narrow scope and, in our view, has failed in its mission to restore public trust. 

We will continue to make the case for legislation that is fit for purpose but in the meantime have invested in the UKLR to provide an important platform for lobbyists to demonstrate their accountability, ethical practice, and commitment to high professional standards. If you are a lobbyist or work for an organisation that lobbies and are proud of your work and contribution to our democratic process, the UKLR is the best way to demonstrate that.

Alastair McCapra, CIPR Chief Executive

Search the register or sign up today at


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