CIPR welcomes moves to ban MPs from paid consultancy work

The Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) has welcomed the news that a parliamentary debate may include its call for a ban on MPs holding second jobs as lobbying consultants.

This afternoon MPs will hold the emergency debate on the House of Commons standards system. This follows a vote last week that sought to change the rules on standards at the same time as a former minister was found to have breached them. There are suggestions that today's debate could include an intervention from the Commons Speaker proposing a ban on consultancy roles for serving parliamentarians, a position long held by the Institute.

Rachael Clamp Chart.PR, FCIPR, Chair of CIPR Public Affairs
We welcome this debate and encourage it to be held reasonably and away from the immediacy of recent news stories. The CIPR supports a ban on serving parliamentarians working as paid political consultants, although we don't believe a ban on all second jobs is required or beneficial. It is time for parliament and those within it who do act responsibly and ethically to accept their public reputation is not safe in the hands of those with conflicts of interest. It is welcome that parliament recognises lobbying is not the problem but, in fact, the conduct of some of its members.
Rachael Clamp Chart.PR, FCIPR, Chair of CIPR Public Affairs
  • The CIPR has previously contributed to a Committee on Standards in Public Life (CSPL) report on MPs outside interests.
  • Read the CIPR's Lobbying Position Paper here.

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