Council Communicators support the most vulnerable in society

The Taxpayers Alliance has attacked Councils in Northern Ireland, having “revealed” that 9 local authorities employ an average of 4 press officers each.

In Northern Ireland, which has a population of 1.8 million people, the secretly funded TPA’s “Bins not Spin” attack identified 36 local authority employees working in public relations, one for every 50,000 residents.

Rachel Burgoyne MCIPR, Chair of CIPR Northern Ireland
Local authority communicators ensure services reach the most vulnerable and play a part in enabling media scrutiny of democracy and whole range of decentralised public services. To suggest that they are not good value for taxpayers money is to completely misunderstand how local government must communicate and be responsive in order to fulfil its public duties.
Rachel Burgoyne MCIPR, Chair of CIPR Northern Ireland