Election Rule Amendment

NOTE - The election rules were updated in 2017 - any links to old versions of the rules have been removed from this document.

The Board of Directors has today notified members of an amendment to the Rules Governing CIPR Elections, which extends the period of time in which a Husting Debate may be held.

The original Rule 7 passed in July, specified that the debate should take place following the publication of nominations. The amendment allows the organisation to host the debate after the close of nominations.

The 2016 Hustings Debate will take place on 1 September – members are encouraged to attend. Registration and further information on the debate is available via Eventbrite. The amended rules governing elections can be viewed here (PDF).

Notes to editors

About CIPR Elections
The CIPR is a Chartered body led by a President, who is the Chairman of the Institute and the representative of the profession in the UK. CIPR members elect a President-Elect every autumn who succeeds to the Presidency after 1 year and then serves a further year as Past President. Members also elect an Honorary Treasurer. Council elections are held every 2 years.