Episode 2 of CIPR's 'Engage' podcast out now; 'Building Resilience'


“I'm not saying you go and say, “oh my god, I'm having a terrible time!”, but you can listen, you can support each other, you can drop a bit of the fakery that we create around what we do - a bit of honesty.” 

-Amanda Coleman Chart.PR, Engage podcast, episode 2

The new episode of CIPR’s quarterly ‘Engage’ podcast is out today. The episode -‘Building Resilience’ - reflects on the trials of managing one's wellbeing in the face of personal challenges and, for those in public relations, how to do this in a profession that is “so used to cheering the positive and success”. It touches on how navigating the ongoing COVID-19 crisis has made this conversation even more relevant. 

Host, Daniel Jones MCIPR talks to two experienced PR practitioners and a resilience coach about their own unique experiences, building resilience, and practical tips and takeaways for accessing support in today’s tough climate. 

Joining Daniel is: 

  • Amanda Coleman, Director, Amanda Coleman Communication LTD  
  • Sharon Flaherty, CEO, Brand Content  
  • Rebecca Mander, Guru You, Founder and Personal Coach 
Sara-Anne Mills-Bricknell, Chair CIPR Podcast Editorial Board
During a time of information overload, it’s increasingly important that we are able to share the authentic conversations and experiences which impact us all. This is especially true for public relations professionals. We are the first to talk about the importance of being transparent in our work, and yet the experiences in this podcast all talk of a profession that often feels like it is not honest and upfront about our own experiences. 

I want to thank Sharon, Amanda, Rebecca, and Dan for their honesty in this episode. I hope it helps build a better understanding of the challenges some of our peers are facing and allows those who are finding the current climate difficult to navigate the confidence to talk about their experiences with others.
Sara-Anne Mills-Bricknell, Chair CIPR Podcast Editorial Board

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