Episode 4 of CIPR's Engage podcast out now; Inspiring Social Purpose


"I look at the talent and the creativity and the energy that there is in the PR industry and think there's a real opportunity for that industry to become agents of this positive change. We've got the access, we've got the networks, we've got the influence, we've got the skills to really get in and help to change the way companies are behaving, not just work with them to try and improve how they're communicating."

Matt Appleby, director at Grow Social Capital

The new episode of CIPR’s quarterly ‘Engage’ podcast is out today. Episode four -‘Inspiring Social Purpose’ - explores what social purpose is, why it continues to capture the attention of the C-suite, and what role PR professionals can play in supporting their clients and organisations to be more purposeful.

Host, Andy Green FCIPR, meets three fellow professionals each experienced in the world of public relations and social purpose to get tips and advice on how to incorporate purpose into campaigns and to discuss whether it is just a "fad", how social purpose is different from CSR, how to be more creative in thinking about the triple bottom line, and the challenge of 'fake' purpose.

Joining Andy is;

  • Matt Appleby, director at Grow Social Capital
  • Ben Caspersz, founder and managing director at Claremont
  • Shannon Walker, founder of Social Disruption


Sara-Anne Mills-Bricknell, Chair CIPR Podcast Editorial Board
Social purpose is core business. As this discussion highlights, if our businesses, clients, and organisations are not already considering their profit alongside their people and the planet, they very soon will be.

More than ever, as we cement our positions as trusted advisors in this post-crisis world, the role of public relations must be to challenge leaders to go beyond words when it comes to embedding social purpose as part of plans and strategies.

I want to thank Andy, Ben, Shannon, and Matt for sharing their expertise and experiences on the podcast, as well as providing practical tips on delivering purposeful campaigns.
Sara-Anne Mills-Bricknell, Chair CIPR Podcast Editorial Board

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