Episode 9 of CIPR’s Engage podcast out now; influencing the future


"Our focus is about inspiring the future and we've heard from amazing speakers across the landscape of PR, public affairs, consumer PR, digital. And what's been amazing is we know how to keep driving influence – that's what we've always done as an industry. But what's been really exciting is to recognise the achievements and the contribution-making right now."

Rachel Roberts Chart.PR, MCIPR, CIPR President

The latest CIPR Engage podcast returns with an episode dedicated to the CIPR's 2022 Annual Conference on the role of PR in influencing the future.

Hosted by the CIPR’s Podcast Editorial Board and recorded live at the 2022 Annual Conference, ‘Influencing the Future’ features insightful interviews from conference speakers on the trends shaping the future of the industry. From how technology is changing the role of public relations to the increasing importance of purpose, culture and employee relationships, guests summarise their key takeaways from the event and offer their thoughts on topics including PR's role in the ESG landscape, top tips for going about public affairs, and what future technologies and deep fakes mean for the profession.

Joining hosts Debbie West and Sara-Anne Mills-Bricknell are;  

  • Soli Townsend, Co-founder and Chief Solutionist, Futerra  
  • Ben Cohen, Head of Media and PR, Open Doors  
  • Nina Schick, Director, Tamang Ventures  
  • Peter Cardwell, Political Editor and Presenter Talk Radio  
  • Alicia Zubeir, Principal Writer, Petronas  
  • Dev Mistry, Global Internal Communications Manager at DICE  
  • Rachel Roberts, President, CIPR 
Sara-Anne Mills-Bricknell, Chair CIPR Podcast Editorial Board

Everyone who was able to attend the conference, I'm sure, felt the same buzz that we did recording this special episode. I hope for those that weren't able to attend, this gives people a snapshot of the quality and thought-provoking conversations that were had on the day.

Whether it was the jaw-dropping presentation on deep fakes from Nina, the inspirational call-to-action from Soli, the glimpse into the mechanics of government operations from Peter, or the increasing importance of internal communications to drive culture highlighted by Dev, this episode will give you a taste of the day together with some great advice, top tips, and fabulous insight.

Thank you to all our incredible guests and delegates who took the time to speak with us. I hope you enjoy listening.

Sara-Anne Mills-Bricknell, Chair CIPR Podcast Editorial Board

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