Harvey Thomas FCIPR

The CIPR is sad to learn of the passing of Harvey Thomas FCIPR, who died on 13 March aged 82. Harvey was chair of trustees of the CIPR's benevolent charity, iprovision from 2002 – 2005.

He was Press and Public Relations Director for Margaret Thatcher throughout her years as Prime Minister and worked internationally with many other business and government leaders. He was appointed CBE in Margaret Thatcher's resignation honours in 1990.
His published work includes 'In The Face of Fear' (1985), 'Making An Impact' (1989), and 'If they Haven't Heard It, You Haven't Said It' (1995).

Our thoughts are with his family, friends, and former colleagues at this difficult time.

  • Harvey can be seen in this video celebrating iprovision's 50th anniversary
Tony Bradley FCIPR Chair, iprovision

In a long and illustrious career, Harvey made a significant contribution to both the Institute and the wider profession. 

As one of his successors as chair of the CIPR’s benevolent fund, I’m proud of the work we do in helping our colleagues in times of need  – and recent innovations such as the iprovision Mental Health Hotline.  But I’m also conscious of the fact that I’m standing on the shoulders of giants – and Harvey was one we all looked up to.

Tony Bradley FCIPR Chair, iprovision