#InfluenceTakes10 encourages PR professionals to take time out

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The CIPR has launched a campaign to encourage PR professionals to switch off and focus on their mental wellbeing.

The call to action features prominently in the latest edition of Influence Magazine, which includes three articles on the importance of mental health. 

The campaign calls on PR professionals to take a 10 minute break to focus solely on their wellbeing. It forms part of a broader set of CIPR initiatives planned for Mental Health Awareness Week. 

Alongside the campaign, the CIPR has published a breathing exercise video and will host a tweet chat on mental health in PR on Wednesday 15 May at 12:30pm.

Emma Leech Found.Chart.PR FCIPR, CIPR President
This year’s State of the Profession research lifted the lid on the scale of the mental health challenge facing our industry. Almost a quarter of respondents said they’d taken sickness absence on the grounds of stress, depression or anxiety and there was evidence to suggest the nature of PR work contributes directly to poor mental health. This is a business-critical issue. We can and must do more to support our colleagues. #InfluenceTakes10 is about taking time out from our busy working lives and having open and honest conversations about mental health.
Emma Leech Found.Chart.PR FCIPR, CIPR President

Let us know how you're taking time out using #InfluenceTakes10