iprovision to celebrate 50 years in 2015

iprovision, the CIPR’s benevolent fund, celebrates its 50th Anniversary next year with a new look and wider remit. On 1 January 2015, under the Charities Act 2011, iprovision will become a modern Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). It will still be registered with the Charity Commission in England and Wales but the iprovision CIO has a new charity registration number, 1157465. All iprovision assets (charity number, 242674) will be transferred automatically to the new iprovision CIO.

The new constitution for iprovision widens the remit of the benevolent fund to support both current and past CIPR members in need and their close dependents. iprovision can "provide assistance in cash or in kind or in any other appropriate manner for the prevention or relief of poverty or any member or former member".

Over the last 50 years, around 500 IPR and CIPR members have been helped and supported by iprovision because of illness, disability, unemployment or bereavement. The youngest beneficiary was only 28; the oldest, 90. The majority of beneficiaries were members aged between 45 and 60, facing hardship because of an illness or disability that had impacted on their ability to work.

Until now, only full CIPR members in need could apply for help from iprovision. This changes in January 2015 and beneficiary categories now include associate and student members (who have been in membership for at least one year), past IPR and CIPR members (who have been members for at least 5 years) and CIPR permanent employees (after one year in employment) and CIPR past employees (who have had 5 years with CIPR).

John Brown FCIPR
It is the hallmark of a real professional institute to have a benevolent fund that supports members and past members of the institute who are in need or who have hit hard times.

iprovision was set up by members of the then IPR in 1965 to fulfil that benevolent objective and provide help to colleagues who were in difficulty. 

Next year is our 50th Anniversary year and with our new charitable status and wider remit, this will be an opportunity to promote the work of iprovision across the CIPR membership.

Unlike the much bigger benevolent funds for solicitors, accountants and journalists, iprovision is younger and relatively small. But that means we must raise more funds to continue to meet the needs of members facing hardship now and in the future.

At present only one in three members contribute to iprovision by making the £10 annual donation with their CIPR membership renewal. 

Our hope is that many more members will be willing to support iprovision through the £10 donation or by fundraising in their CIPR groups.
John Brown FCIPR

Ruth Ritchie, iprovision’s part-time administrator, is on hand to help or give advice to any CIPR member – past or present – who is suffering hardship. There is a special iprovision helpline – the number is 020 8144 5536. Ruth’s email address is All applications to the Fund are treated in confidence.

The current iprovision trustees are John Brown (Chair), Gill Dandy, Beryl Evans, Marc Evans, Pat Gaudin (Vice-Chair), Keith Johnston, Lis Lewis-Jones and Deborah Powton. Each is a full CIPR member.