New winter issue of Influence magazine out now

The Winter 2020 edition of Influence is out today with the final issue of the year featuring some of the best commentary and opinion from the world of PR and beyond.

The digital issue - available to all CIPR members - looks back to 12 months ago when thinking centered around the challenges and opportunities we believed were facing the profession in 2020.

In this issue

In a more socially responsible world, and in a year that has seen significant shifts in how history and culture are perceived, does PR need to respond accordingly to stay ahead of the curve? And, with new data showing brands have had to be much more sensitive in their messaging, we look at the challenges around engaging with empathy.

Bea Buckley, freelance communications consultant, looks at the unique challenges the start of the decade has brought to communications teams and asks whether this is the coming of age for internal comms?

With hard times looming and budgets threatened, Sam Burne James explores whether is it time to re-evaluate the value public relations brings to the table.

There's a predicted rise in demand for public affairs, policy, and regulation relation skills so how can you expand your skillset. In a separate article, Az Chowdhury unlocks the future of lobbying.

Is the handshake over or will it make a post-pandemic return? Valentina Kirstensen looks at global alternatives.

And much more.

Rob Smith, Editor of Influence
The pandemic has been so universal in its disruption that it has affected virtually everyone, and in more ways than are easily countable. Things won’t be the same and so many areas of the business world are hitting the reset button. In this edition we look at what kind of working landscape was left behind, and how PR will be affected by these changes.
Rob Smith, Editor of Influence
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