Advita Patel named CIPR's 2024 President-elect

Advita Patel Chart.PR, FCIPR will be the 2025 President of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR). She will become President-elect in 2024, having stood unopposed in the 2023 Election. 

An internal communications and inclusion expert, Advita is the founder of CommsRebel, a communications and employee experience consultancy based in Manchester, co-founder of A Leader Like Me, a global consultancy supporting organisations to be more inclusive, and is a co-host for the award-winning podcast CalmEdgedRebels and A Leader Like Me, Amplifying Diverse Voices. She is a former CIPR Board member and previously chaired the CIPR’s Inside Group for internal communicators. She is a certified confidence coach, experienced speaker, and has recently published her first book which she co-authored - Building a Culture of Inclusivity, effective internal communication for diversity, equity and inclusion.

She will become the first person of colour to take on the role of President in the Institute's history and will succeed the 2024 President, Rachael Clamp.

Advita Patel Chart.PR, FCIPR 2023 President-Elect

The CIPR has been pivotal in my success as a communications professional over the years. So, I’m thrilled that I can now pay this forward and represent our members as we navigate the ever-changing PR landscape. I’m keen to build on the great work established by our previous presidents and ensure we align with our vision of championing lifelong learning and building a thriving, confident global PR community. I’m excited to work closely with Rachael to implement our next five-year strategy and to bring some of our plans to life so we can continue to cultivate an industry that’s inclusive to everyone.

Advita Patel Chart.PR, FCIPR 2023 President-Elect
CIPR President Steve Shepperson-Smith Chart. PR, FCIPR

Many congratulations to Advita. I know Advita to be a highly capable individual who cares passionately and who will be a great spokesperson and advocate for both the CIPR and our industry. Her commitment to diversity and inclusion will help CIPR make considerable strides forward towards our goal of seeing a PR profession that fully represents the communities we serve.

CIPR President Steve Shepperson-Smith Chart. PR, FCIPR

List of nominators 

Darryl Sparey 
Rachel Miller 
Daniel Holden 
Jenni Field 
Farzana Baduel 
Shayoni Lynn 
Trudy Lewis 
John Wilkinson 
Sara Thornhurst 
Sarah Black 

Nomination statement

Be the change you want to see. 

Almost 12 years ago, I joined the CIPR community to contribute to an industry I valued. The long train journeys from Manchester to Euston, were worth it, as my time working with a range of PR professionals who aligned with a vision to champion lifelong learning and act with integrity was life changing for my career. 

I thrived in a community of PR professionals who worked hard to share best practices and bring opportunities to others in our industry to engage and develop. Like so many of you, the CPD gave structure and insight to my learning. It also empowered me with confidence and a sense of purpose. Over time, I became the Group Chair and eventually a Board member, where I learnt a lot about the inner workings of CIPR. 

I believe in the power of collaboration and member engagement. To bring meaningful change, we must listen to you, our members, particularly during this critical time for our industry as we grapple with things like AI and the economic and societal shifts we’re currently experiencing. 

CIPR has given me so much, and now it’s my turn to give back by running to be the CIPR President and serve the PR community. 

Building on the good work of previous CIPR Presidents, I will focus on three key areas:

  1. We are the profession of tomorrow. Developing Chartership further so it’s recognised as a credible qualification within the PR profession. I have audacious ambitions that a PR Chartership is taken as seriously as a Chartered Engineer. Bold but necessary. To do this, we need to change the narrative we’re currently experiencing about its value from business leaders. We have a long road ahead to change perception, but it’s possible if our members are aligned with its purpose. 
  2. Friction-free accessible learning. Continuing professional development should remain accessible to members. We have a great portal full of resources, both paid and free. But in a fast-changing industry, we need to keep it current and up-to-date, so we’re adding value for members. We often say that membership is all about ‘what you put in.’ Whilst this is true, we need to ensure we’re not inadvertently putting up barriers or blockers to access excellent training and resources. 
  3. Cultivating a culture of inclusion. Cultivating an inclusive culture within our industry so there’s no ‘say-do’ gap. Various groups and individuals have made great strides to improve inclusivity in our profession. But there are still challenges facing the industry, and I want CIPR and its members to lead by example to show what’s possible.

Helen Keller once said, “Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” And that’s precisely what the next President should bring.

The membership needs a President who isn’t fearful of asking difficult questions and can navigate the ever-changing PR landscape with clear intentions. As CIPR President, I guarantee I will bring some positive disruption and refreshing ideas to help transform our industry.


About the Chartered Institute of Public Relations 

Founded in 1948, the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) is the world's only Royal Chartered professional body for public relations practitioners with over 10,000 members. 

The CIPR advances professionalism in public relations by making its members accountable to their employers and the public through a code of conduct and searchable public register, setting standards through training, qualifications, awards and the production of best practice and skills guidance, facilitating Continuing Professional Development (CPD), and awarding Chartered Public Relations Practitioner status (Chart.PR).