#AIinPR welcomes ICO guidance on communicating AI decision making

The CIPR's #AIinPR panel has welcomed new guidance - 'Explaining decisions made with AI' - by our #AIinPR colleagues at the Information Commisioner's Office (ICO) and The Alan Turing Institute published today. The co-badged guidance aims to give organisations practical advice to help explain the processes, services and decisions delivered or assisted by AI, to the individuals affected by them.

The #AIinPR panel has long been been calling for organisations, businesses and brands across the world to transparently communicate services and processes delivered to people by ethical AI.

Kerry Sheehan Chart.PR, FCIPR, CIPR Artificial Intelligence Chair
Communicators are on the front line of ensuring transparent and effective communication are on all products and services utilising AI, internally and externally, and it is firmly down to us to ensure this happens.

We are already seeing too much misinformation surrounding communication on AI, and some of it continues to come from high profile, respected organisations, businesses and brands. This potentially harms employees and the general public's understanding but also showsthese organisations do not have a proper understanding on how ethical AI should be communicated to aid the take up of 'AI4Good'.

For people and employees to realise the true benefits of 'AI4Good', it rests on the shoulders of good, ethical communication and that has to come from, not only the communication leads and teams, but also across the organisations themselves.

The ICO and the Alan Turing Institute guide supports organisations to support managers and colleagues to fully understand the process of ethical AI and how it should be communicated.

The guide includes roles, policies and documentation communicators can use to support organisations, businesses and brands to ensure they are set up to provide meaningful explanations to affected individuals.
Kerry Sheehan Chart.PR, FCIPR, CIPR Artificial Intelligence Chair
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