"Authenticity is king" - new report explores key trends for 2020's

"Authenticity is king" - brands that understand this and communicate on purposeful issues beyond their immediate business interests are best placed to succeed over the next decade, a new report highlights.  

The Ipsos Mori Global Trends 2020 Understanding Complexity report, explores trends in values and attitudes across the world on matters related to populism, artificial intelligence, personal data, climate change and more. 

It finds that brand authenticity is a key trend for the 2020’s with discerning consumption on the rise; those that believe brands can support good causes while making money. This includes the need for increased transparency - communicating the story and purpose behind products and organisations. There is no greater demand for this than through the pressure consumers are putting on brands to operate sustainably. 

The report goes on to highlight that accelerated technological evolution and use of big data is set to increase digitisation of health, science, transport, communications and energy. Although the public are increasingly worried that technology is negatively impacting our lives there is an over reliance on it to solve societal challenges.

CIPR President, Jenni Field Chart.PR, FCIPR
This report is a treasure chest of data and insights exploring how people’s attitudes and values are changing, shaped by global events and the products they consume - whether it be the real desire to see action on climate change or the demand for simplicity, now seen as a luxury. 

Better understanding of our publics and reflecting their values in our work will only serve us and those we represent well. The next decade undoubtedly presents a number of complex challenges - our role as communicators is to help make sense of these and be trusted advisors in bringing the outside world in to allow our organisations to adapt to the changing world.
CIPR President, Jenni Field Chart.PR, FCIPR

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