Business leaders want “a deep and broad sectoral knowledge” from PR – new CIPR energy think tank report

A new report, exploring what business leaders in the energy sector look for and require from their public relations and communications people, finds that one area of expertise was cited significantly more than any other – a deep and broad sectoral knowledge.

The CIPR's Energy Leadership Platform (ELP) paper - ‘What Energy Companies Want from PR Professionals' (PDF) – provides insight from over 150 Energy industry executives and concludes that, whilst the energy sector has a unique set of requirements from its PR function, business leaders recognise the value of PR as a management function.

Andrew Bradshaw, co-author, Head of Energy Insight, Fifth Ring
This report challenges assumptions and should make PR professionals in the energy sector, as well as the wider PR community, think about how well they understand  their own or their client’s business. It highlights the sector’s unique position in society and the set of skills required to operate successfully within it – something that many sectors will recognise. It also raises important questions about the role and priorities of the modern PR professional. We are hugely grateful for all those who took the time to provide thoughtful and insightful responses for the paper. I hope it proves useful and of interest to the sector as well as the wider PR community.
Andrew Bradshaw, co-author, Head of Energy Insight, Fifth Ring
CIPR President, Emma Leech Found.Chart.PR FCIPR
This paper is a call to action for the PR profession. Business leaders are asking for strategic planning and problem solving from us as PR practitioners. There is a need to continuously engage in professional development – something CIPR membership can offer - and also to invest time in understanding the make up of your own sectors and organisations. I would like to thank the ELP for this paper and driving forward the work of the CIPR in seeking to engage with a wider and diverse business audience.
CIPR President, Emma Leech Found.Chart.PR FCIPR

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