CIPR Applauds Condemnation of "Spin"

The Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) applauds the stance taken by Hayley Court in condemning the practise of ‘spin’.

Her allegations against South Yorkshire Police expose the pressure that PR advisers can be placed under in carrying out their duties. “It’s entirely unacceptable for any organisation to expect their employees to deceive or misrepresent on their behalf” said CIPR President Rob Brown. 

The CIPR has a Code of Conduct which obliges members to be accountable for their conduct, but also to provide a reference point in situations where they feel the expectations of an employer or client could give rise to unethical conduct. We provide a helpline for members and the general public to help with concerns about unethical conduct and can advise employers and employees alike.

As an organisation the CIPR promotes the highest standards of professionalism and integrity as well as dealing honestly and fairly with the public. The code is there to be used by the professional and their clients and employers as a guide to professional ethics in public relations, on a daily basis, in a performance review or in exceptional circumstances like an internal inquiry.

Rob Brown FCIPR, CIPR President, Managing Partner of Rule 5
“A public relations professional who feels they are being put under pressure to act in a way that could break our code of conduct is right to speak out about it and push back against unreasonable and unethical expectations.”
Rob Brown FCIPR, CIPR President, Managing Partner of Rule 5
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