Combat uncertainty with an effective Public Affairs strategy

Professionals working in public affairs must offer leadership on organisational strategy in 2019, says Rachael Clamp, Chair of the CIPR Public Affairs Group.

Parliament is in turmoil over Brexit. This is the latest episode in a long running drama in which all organisations – business, charity and civil society – are experiencing a potentially damaging volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. The impact is becoming clearer – as the leading business organisations stated last month: “Businesses of all sizes are reaching the point of no return, with many now putting in place contingency plans that are a significant drain of time and money. Firms are pausing or diverting investment that should be boosting productivity, innovation, jobs and pay, into stockpiling goods or materials, diverting cross border trade and moving offices, factories and therefore jobs and tax revenues out of the UK.”

CIPR is supporting The Public Affairs Conference - a professional development opportunity for lobbyists who want to help organisations cut through the volatility.

Rachael Clamp MCIPR, Chair of CIPR Public Affairs
Now more than ever, organisations need to communicate clearly and create confidence among their stakeholders. The best way to battle uncertainty is with an effective, flexible and responsive Public Affairs strategy.

Public affairs professionals help organisations to understand how situations like Brexit will unravel and shape communication with key stakeholders. We have a responsibility and an opportunity to offer leadership on organisational strategy. By drawing on the skills, knowledge and experience of professional lobbyists, who offer unparalleled political insight, organisations can develop effective communications strategies which get them heard.

This conference offers an excellent opportunity for public affairs professionals to come together, learn, network and explore innovative routes to strategy.
Rachael Clamp MCIPR, Chair of CIPR Public Affairs

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