Episode 13 of CIPR's Engage Podcast out now; Winning the War For Talent


"You don't want to feel that, for a large majority of your life, you're shying and hiding parts of yourself because you feel as if this isn't a place that I can fully be myself and know that I'm being accepted despite my different background."

Toluwani Omotoye, Communications Coordinator, Global X ETFs

The Chartered Institute of Public Relations’ (CIPR) Engage podcast returns with a new episode on the war for talent in the public relations and communications industry. The episode discusses the extent to which there is a war for talent and the steps organisations can take to recruit and retain top talent.

Hosted by John Clegg, Internal Communications and Engagement Manager at HR Wallingford, Episode 13 – Winning the War for Talent – is the third instalment in the Engage series dedicated to celebrating the CIPR’s 75th anniversary.

This episode explores what tactics organisations are using to recruit their top talent. It delves into the shift towards hybrid working as the “new normal” post-pandemic and examines the generational differences towards workplace flexibility. The panellists unpack the industry’s struggles with a lack of representation and diversity at both junior and senior levels.

Joining host, John Clegg, for this episode are:

  • Christine Yuan, Senior Talent Acquisition Partner, BCW
  • Toluwani Omotoye, Communications Coordinator, Global X ETFs
Debbie West Chart.PR, MCIPR, Chair CIPR Podcast Editorial Board

Today’s episode brings to the forefront the complex and multi-faceted issue of talent acquisition and retention in public relations. Listeners will get a panoramic view of the current landscape before mapping a course for a future where inclusivity, workplace flexibility, and greater representation lead the way.

This episode sheds light on both the perennial and more immediate challenges we collectively face to retain talent and the solutions that are within our grasp.

A massive thank you to John for hosting the discussion and our insightful guests, Christine and Toluwani, for taking the time to share their invaluable insights and experiences.

Debbie West Chart.PR, MCIPR, Chair CIPR Podcast Editorial Board


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