New skills guide; CIPR launches guide to drafting crisis communication plans

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The Chartered Institute of Public Relations' (CIPR) Crisis Communications Network today launched a new skills guide to help public relations professionals develop effective crisis communication plans.

The guide - Drafting a Crisis Communication Plan - is the first in a series from the Network providing CIPR members with practical steps and advice to prepare for and manage organisational crises. It explores the stages of a crisis and takes readers through the steps to include when writing a crisis communications plan as well as outlining how to define a crisis, map stakeholders, prepare messaging, run simulations, and conduct after-action reviews.

Chris Tucker, chair of the CIPR Crisis Communications Network

In today's complex, fast-moving media environment, being prepared with a robust crisis communication plan is an essential part of protecting an organisation's reputation. This must be a top priority for all business leaders but having a solid and robust plan will make a world of difference. 

This guide ensures that CIPR members have the best information to ensure their plan is effective and relevant. It features the latest insights from the Network to help teams quickly and confidently respond in urgent situations. This is the first guide from the Network and we hope it helps members to manage crises effectively and build resilience over the long term.

Chris Tucker, chair of the CIPR Crisis Communications Network
Katherine Sykes, co-chair of the CIPR Crisis Communications Network

This new practical guide includes invaluable advice to help PR professionals plan for and manage crises effectively. By being prepared with crisis plans, teams can protect organisational reputation even in the most urgent situations. The mission of the Network is to promote excellence and share best practice in crisis communication and I have no doubt this guide will become an essential crisis toolkit for PR practitioners everywhere looking to hone their skills and build resilience.

Katherine Sykes, co-chair of the CIPR Crisis Communications Network

The CIPR Crisis Communications Network was established in 2021 and has over 650 members globally. Through events, online resources, and publications, it aims to promote excellence in crisis communication.

Download Drafting a Crisis Communication Plan.


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