Statement by the Returning Officer on the CIPR Election 2016

The following is a Statement from Martin Turner Found.Chart.PR, MCIPR, Returning Officer:

I confirm that following close of nominations on 31 August, the numbers of candidates for each list are as follows:

President Elect: 3 candidates for 1 seat

Honorary Treasurer: 1 candidate for 1 seat, elected unopposed

Scotland list: 1 candidate for 1 seat, elected unopposed

Wales list: 1 candidate for 1 seat, elected unopposed

Northern Ireland list: 1 candidate for 1 seat, elected unopposed

England regional groups list: 6 candidates for 5 seats

Sector groups list: 8 candidates for 8 seats, elected unopposed

Open list: 19 candidates for 8 seats, of whom two are elected to a previously counted list and are removed from the open list election, leaving 17 candidates for 8 seats.

Elections will therefore take place for:

President Elect

England regional list

Open list

The names of candidates for all lists will be published later today, together with the names and membership numbers of their nominators or names and decision dates of their nominating groups. Campaigning will begin from the point at which nominations are published. All candidates are reminded that they must abide by the current election regulations. All members of the Institute are reminded that they are at all times governed by the Institute’s code of conduct.

Since the close of nominations, I have contacted every candidate to inform them of their status. Anyone with queries in this regard may contact me at