Statement from the Returning Officer: Nominations for President-Elect 2018

As at the close of nominations 17:00 on Wednesday 30 August 2017, I have received one valid nomination for the post of President-Elect 2018.

Nomination for President-Elect 2018:

  • Emma Leech Found.Chart.PR, FCIPR


  1. Anne Gregory Hon FCIPR
  2. Hayley James Chart,PR, MCIPR
  3. Sarah Pinch Chart.PR, FCIPR
  4. Rachel Miller Chart.PR, FCIPR
  5. Anne-Marie Lacey Chart.PR, MCIPR
  6. John Wilkinson Chart.PR, FCIPR
  7. Bridget Aherne MCIPR
  8. Alison (Mary) Tobin, Chart.PR, MCIPR
  9. Charlotte Sansom Chart.PR, FCIPR
  10. Laura M. Sutherland Chart.PR, FCIPR

If I have received no challenges material to nominations by 17:00 on Friday 1 September, I shall declare the election uncontested and make a formal announcement of the result.

Martin Turner MCIPR
CIPR Returning Officer

Notes to editors

About CIPR Elections
The CIPR is a Chartered body led by a President, who is the Chairman of the Institute and the representative of the profession in the UK. CIPR members elect a President-Elect every autumn who succeeds to the Presidency after 1 year. Council elections are held every 2 years.