Watch: CIPR President calls on all businesses to disclose gender pay data #IWD2019

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CIPR President Emma Leech Found.Chart.PR, FCIPR has reiterated the Institute's call for businesses of all sizes to disclose their gender pay information in a video published for International Women’s Day.

UK legislation currently compells businesses with more than 250 employees to disclose data on gender pay but the CIPR has called on all organisations to voluntarily report information. 

The CIPR's forthcoming State of the Profession reveals an average pay gap of £9,991 in favour of men, however a multiple linear regression analysis - which considers all factors influencing salary including seniority and prevalence of part-time work - shows the pay inequality gap is £5,202, £1,523 smaller than in 2018.


CIPR President, Emma Leech Found.Chart.PR FCIPR
The reduction in the gender pay inequality gap is encouraging but there’s still much work for us to do. This year's State of the Profession report shows the industry is largely comprised of women but men occupy nearly half of the industry’s most senior roles.

Increasing transparency around pay is one of the routes to levelling the playing-field and the government’s gender pay gap reporting legislation is a welcome step forward in this regard. But we continue to call on all businesses – not just those that meet the government’s threshold of 250 employees - to voluntarily disclose their gender pay gap data.

For the first time in the CIPR’s history, all three of the Institute’s Honorary Officers are women and this is an issue we will continue to campaign passionately on, to deliver a fairer working environment in our industry.
CIPR President, Emma Leech Found.Chart.PR FCIPR
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